SOLD OUT Grass fed Lamb shares SOLD OUT

1Our lamb are pasture raised like nature intended. 100% grass fed

Full shares hang at approximately 40-60# of which generally over 80+% comes home you (depending on the bone-in vs bone-out cuts you choose)

Tender, delicious, nutritious lamb

$10 a pound hanging. Cut, wrapped and delivered. 

Grass fed mutton shares !!

Get them while they last, only three sheep available this Fall.

Pasture raised sheep, 100% grass fed.

Mutton has incredible texture and flavor. Leg of Mutton has become a favorite in our house. Perfect for mixing with burgers, sausage, stew meat and eating on its own. Mutton chops are like lamb but larger and far more flavorful!

Half shares are 30-40# on average.

$9 a pound hanging weight. Cut, wrapped, and delivered.