The Whole Hog - An Incredible Three Day Experience

Class delayed until Fall

A complete farm-to-table pork education 

Three full days of learning.

Harvest: Day one starts on the farm with an education on the traditional and ethical raising of our heritage threatened-breed pigs. We will humanely harvest the pigs and begin a full day of tradition slaughter: scalding and scrapping, evisceration and cleaning, and preservation of all the odd-bits and offal for making delicious and nutritious traditional dishes. 

Butcher: Day two begins the why and how of flavor and fat, every participant will watch every cut be made and then do every cut on their own side of pork under supervision. 

Charcuterie: Day three continues basic butchery, cut and wrap, and moves into sausage making. Every participant will be able to make a variety of different sausages and will learn about home curing of meats. We will use our own casings cleaned from the animals, and both natural and man-made casing you can easily purchase in the future.  Demonstrations of how to make you own bacon, pancetta, capocolla, prosciutto, etc using both traditional and modern methods. 

During the entire class our chefs will be presenting incredible delicacies’ and explaining how to make traditional foods at home: terrines, pates, black and white sausage, headcheese, forcemeats, stocks, and more

Hosted by 21 Acres in Woodinville WA