You deserve to know your farmer


 I’m Greg Hamilton. I was born and raised in the Seattle area. I have spent the majority my adult life in defense of our country, serving both as an Army Ranger and as a Green Beret.

After a near-continuous and progressively more stressful three years in Iraq, I came home knowing I needed a major change for the second half of the life I had been gifted.

Freyr Farms is that change. 

My mission with Freyr Farms is creation. The creation of connection, community, and stronger bonds among family and friends by shared experiences around the dining table: to make meals into memories.

I want to bring importance back to our food. To honor our food as it deserves. Raise it right, harvest it right, prepare it right, eat it right; and in doing so create the stories around the table that make lasting memories.

I seek to recreate the traditions we have lost. The Passover Lamb, the Christmas goose, the satisfaction of a larder full of incredible potential. 


Your farmers are Seattle natives and our farm is located right here 


Your pigs live outdoors as is proper and eat all natural feeds from local sources


Your pigs are harvested completely traditionally and nothing goes to waste